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DASStime® Employee Portal


100% Cloud System

It allows to manage the schedules with a simple web browser, from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Sistema 100% Cloud - Dorlet

DASSnet Integrated

It integrates seamlessly with DORLET's access control system, DASSnet®.

Integrable DASSnet - Dorlet

Easy and intuitive Interface

It reduces management time, requires no complex training, and allows you to create area supervisors with limited permissions.

Interface Intuitivo - Dorlet

Detailed and precised schedules

It supports working hours up to 72 hours, with multiple forced, flexible strips and breaks, with night work and holidays. 

Horarios detallados - Dorlet

La mayoría de las empresas no cumplen todavía el tener informes mensuales firmados por todos sus empleados e Inspección de trabajo ya ha anunciado que realizará inspecciones, priorizando determinados sectores. La mayoría de los sistemas de Control de Presencia actualmente implantados no permiten esta funcionalidad y deberán sustituirse progresivamente.

"The new Mandatory Time Control Law is not only a tool to control employees, but seeks to achieve an optimal labor market for everyone".

Most companies do not comply with having monthly reports signed by all their employees and the Labor Inspection has already announced that it will carry out inspections, prioritizing certain sectors. Most of the Presence Control systems currently implemented do not allow this functionality and will have to be replaced progressively.

Presencia features registro personal desplazado - DORLET

Registration of displaced personnel

Marking tools for mobile devices or PC, with geolocation and registration of the connection IP address.

  • It allows the sending of markings and any incidents that may occur, and consulting the history of all markings made, even from access control terminals.
  • The markings take into account the time zone in which the device is located, and automatically synchronize working hours even when the employee may be temporarily in another country.
  • For greater ease of use, access is allowed from a web link, without the need to install specific APPs.

Daily management

It presents graphically the calculation result for better interpretation, and all changes are instantly recalculated, showing the actual result.

  • It allows adding and removing markings, always keeping the original information and keeping traceability of the person making the change.
  • Tools to resolve anomalies quickly, and justify absences or delays with a simple selection of reason.
  • Expedite the transfer of excess balances to Overtime, Complementary Hours or add it to the Flexibility Bag to compensate with rest.

Presencia features gestión - DORLET

Herramientas de planificación - DORLET

Planning tools

It allows planning in the personal calendar all the variations in the schedules as they are authorized (leave of absence, trips, vacations, additional hours or reductions in working hours).

  • It avoids the need to create multiple days and calendars and that the system generates anomalies that later someone should solve.
  • It allows to change the working hours of an employee for one or more days "in a few seconds".
  • All changes can be made to the past or future, the system will automatically recalculate everything.

Working days

'Working Days' allows to adjust the rules of each schedule with agility and precision, to manage any type of shift of up to 72 hours.

  • Each working day may have multiple compulsory strips, flexibility and breaks, to adjust the schedules to the required punctuality and flexibility criteria.
  • Flexible break management, with a minimum duration during a time slot, and the option of penalties if they are not carried out.
  • It allows defining the theoretical hours that the employee must carry out, automatically accumulating excesses and defects as balances.

Presencia features jornadas laborables - DORLET

Registro de tiempos de trabajo - DORLET

Working times record

By default, a monthly report template is included per employee, including all the daily and accumulated monthly values to be submitted in the event of a Labor Inspection.

  • Depending on the type of contract (Full Day or Part Time) the columns for Overtime, Complementary Hours or Flexibility / Rest are adjusted automatically.
  • It includes a space for the signature of the employee and by the company.
  • It is recommended to keep the signed copies of this document for 4 years.
Vacaciones - DorletHolidays
Baja médica - Dorlet Medical leave
Permisos retribuidos - DorletPaid leave
Registro de horas - DorletTimekeeping
API - DorletAPI
Horas Extra - DorletOvertime

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