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The need to offer an appropriate level of protection and at the same time, thanks to it, provide the user an experience of tranquillity and security are critical in this sector. Represented mainly in large facilities open to the public where security must be something transparent that in no case blurs the experience the facilities wish to provide.

The automation of installations, the proper management in hotels of accesses-energy-intrusion, the access via smartphones or disposable means, payment through these last means... all provides the user comfort and security and at the same time contributes to his/her security.

On the other hand, the protection of facilities through the integration of security systems and advanced access control systems where necessary, complements the security in this sector, characterized by areas with large influx of people and where there is a significant flow of physical goods and/or cash.

  • Room Smart Control (access-intrusion-energy)
  • Integration with hotel management software
  • Integration with sports facilities management
  • Smartphone BLE or NFC access
  • Lockers for guests
  • POS Integration
  • Capacity control by zones-sectors

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