ASD/1 Controller

REF: D1211001

The ASD/1 intelligent controller is designed to interact between the security elements installed in the field and the DASSnet™ security software. This controller facilitates the management of access control, intrusion and scheduling ond attendance control at the same time.

ASD/1 is completely TCP/IP driver, allowing communication in real time with the server, install it distributed without limitations on dedicated or existing IP networks and operate autonomously, thanks an internal data base capable of storing, processing and validating information when communication with the server is not possible.

All versions of the ASD/1 controller include box with cover tamper, TCP/IP adapter, option to add UPS battery and power supply.

All drivers support readers from third manufacturers by protocols clock & data, Wiegand 26, Wiegand 27, Wiegand 32, RS-232 (TTL), etc... covering all of the market practice.


1 reader for access control and/or time attendance and one auxiliary RS232 input to connect license plate readers, printers, displays...

High capacity: 100.000 employee cards, 2500 visitor cards, 10.000 license plates, 10.000 access transaction logs, 1.000 alarm transaction logs...

1 output (configurable) for electronic lock

1 magnetic contact for readers, 1 exit button imputs for door opening and 1 input for reader inhibition.

4 supervised inputs for general purpose (with stand by detection, alarm, short-circuit, open circuit, antimasking and sensor failure), 1 of them configurable as analogue

3 digital outputs for general purpose, 1 of them by relay

Box tamper: the box has a tamper for detecting if the box is being removed from the wall

Box tamper: the box has a tamper for detecting if the lid has been opened.

Grade 3 power supply: power supply with 220 VAC loss detection, low battery, battery error, low output tension and power supply error, fullfilling norm UNE-EN 50131

12VDC battery supply: G model comes with a 12VDC and 7,2 Ah security battery, assuring that the controller will work for at least 4 more hours since the power cut

The controller box has a space to store a 12 VDC and 7,2 Ah battery (supplied with the 3G version).

n G3 version the power supply provides low battery, battery error, low output voltage and power supply error signals.

The controller provides the power supply for readers as well as locks and associated sensors (consult the consuption of each element).

The controller allows reprogramming, updating and changing its FLASH memory through TCP-IP.

The inputs and outputs can be distributed depending on the controller ́s configuration (barriers, turnstyles...) thus allowing the control of traffic lights, induction loops... Consult the instalation manual for the different possible configurations.

Supervised imputs allow the detection of short-circuit, antimasking, sensor error, open-circuit, stand by and alarm



  • Box dimensions: 240x190x90
  • ASD/1 board dimensions: 100x124x30
  • Power supply dimensions: 82x99x36
  • Controller weight: 3.5kg
  • Protection: IP56


  • Through POE+: No
  • Power supply input: 88-264 VAC, 47/63 Hz
  • GRADE 3 Power Supply: No
  • Available power: 35 Watt
  • Power supply outputs: 5V DC. and 12V DC.
  • Battery outputs: Yes (13,8 VDC.)
  • Grade 3 signal: No


  • Encriptation: AES-128
  • TCP-IP: 10/100 Mbps., connector RJ-45, TELNET server for communications con- figuration


  • Remote update: Yes (through TCP-IP)
  • Specifications: 96 MHz., 32-bit core
  • Memory: RAM 8 Mbyte.
  • Microcontroller: Renesas RX63N
  • Clock: In real time
  • Data retention: Battery to preserve RAM (1 month)
  • Program memory: Flash 768 Kbytes.


  • Digital imputs: 3 (1 push button, 1 magnetic contact, 1 reader inhibition) and 1 tamper
  • Bus extension: I2C (for I/O extension boards)
  • Auxiliary imputs: 1 RS232 (car license plates, printers tickets, displays...)
  • Supervised digital inputs: 4 ( 1 of these can be configured as analogue)
  • Reader imputs: 1 (door with just entry)
  • Lock outputs: 1 ( configurable NO/NC and with/without voltage)
  • Digital outputs: 3 ( 1 by relay)
  • Power supply output: 2 (5 VDC. and 12 VDC for sensor supply)


  • Employee cards: 100000
  • Visitor cards: 2500
  • Vehicle license plates: 10000
  • Access transaction logs: 10000
  • Alarm transaction logs: 1000
  • Extended timetables with 7 type of days: Yes
  • Timetableswith 3 type of days: Yes
  • Alarm timetables: Yes
  • Automatic opening timetables: Yes
  • PIN removal timetables: Yes


  • Audio/Video: No
  • Audio Intercom: No


  • Battery 12 VDC: No
  • Tamper box: No
  • Tamper cap: No
  • UNE-EN 50131 Grade 3 - Intrusion: No
  • UNE-EN 60839 Grade 4 - Access Control: No

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