Capacity control ... Does it only count people?

Control de aforos

Controlling capacity in an Access Control system is much more than counting people. Shopping centers, gyms, companies, Critical Infrastructures… In all these cases a module of these characteristics should be available to guarantee the safety of the people who work and / or access these facilities.


Capacity Control system allows registering people who access a certain place at a specific time. It also allows these people to be counted for possible statistics and future decision-making, as well as to activate evacuations, activate / deactivate intrusion, etc.

Our Access Control software, DASSnet® performs advanced capacity control management that allows applying advanced step controls such as antipassback, step tracking, maximum time spent in a specific area, etc.

These functions can be used based on the information provided by our readers on access control or on counting systems from other manufacturers, based on CCTV cameras. Remote configuration, management, and monitoring allow you to view statistics from multiple venues in real time and simultaneously.

The possibility of allowing access or not depending on the current capacity is something simple to implement.


The main function of capacity control is to determine the maximum number of people that can be in a certain place and prevent access once the capacity is complete, but it can also:

• Analyze visitor trends
• Optimize staff planning
• Increase operational efficiency
• Evaluate the performance of a site

DASSnet® collects information about the traffic of the facility to understand the behavior of users and act accordingly.

The software runs embedded in a ceiling mounted network camera that is installed above hallways and entrances at heights of 2.7m and above. It basically turns the camera into a very advanced sensor that collects store traffic data.

These systems are applicable anywhere indoors, where counting people is necessary. With a reliable two-way counting of people in both directions simultaneously, you can quickly analyze the flow of visitors and identify the peak times.


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