Access Control and Time and Atendance, are they different?

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Sometimes, doubts arise when talking about Access Control and Time & Attendance Control. The two are sometimes considered different ways of referring to the same solution, but that's not so at all. 

Broadly speaking, Access Control allows, or not, the entry of a person or vehicle to a facility, while Time & Attendance Control manages working days of employees and takes into account the data of their entry and exit to a facility, hours worked, holidays...


An access control system is an electronic system to control the entrance and exit of a user to a specific area automatically validating identification through different types of reading (proximity cards, PIN, biometrics...) in any type of infrastructure.

Types of Access Control

  • Online. These systems integrate online terminals through wiring and a local or remote PC. Information is transmitted online using an access control software that keeps a log of all operations performed on the system with date, time, authorisation, etc. They range from simple applications to very complex and sophisticated systems, as required.
  • Wireless online. These systems integrate offline terminals (readers, handles, cylinders, etc.) through radio (wireless), with an aerial located in a controller. Thus, information transmission takes place online. These access control subsystems are for rooms, offices, classrooms... This provides complete control with entrance and/or exit reader. They can be managed from the DASSnet software along with the centralised systems and offer transparent management for the user.
  • Wireless DOC. These are offline systems in which the information is transferred between the reader/handle and the software (or vice versa) by means of a reading/writing card, which requires a synchronism reader to download the elements to the system and vice versa.

What it is for

  • It identifies people and vehicles. It controls personnel entering and leaving the facilities at all times.
  • It reports, in real time, on the occupation of the facilities.
  • It manages various access points remotely.
  • It obtains information about who, when and where a user has accessed a certain area.



Attendance control is a system made up of a device (reader, smartphone) and software, such as DASStime, that enable controlling and managing the actual hours worked by the employees. They keep an entry and exit registration of employees managed by this clocking records system. 

Clocking Media in Attendance Control

  • Biometric device. It can recognise the employee's identity based on the features of their fingerprint, or by facial or iris recognition.
  • Proximity card. It enables clocking by means of proximity with the person's ID card.
  • Mobile clocking. It enables sending clocking records and incidences that may occur, and check the logs of all the records made. For greater ease of use, access is allowed from a web link, without the need to install specific APPs.

Clocking records management and display tool

  • Mobile clocking. The same tool used to clock in with a mobile phone enables checking the logs of all the clocking records made. For greater ease of use, access is allowed from a web link, without the need to install specific APPs.
  • Employee portal. Management of working hours becomes a collaborative process between employees, supervisors and HR. Each employee/supervisor will carry out part of the management, and only applicable authorisations will be escalated to HR, subject to system configuration.

What it is for

  • It reduces the administrative burden on the HR department.
  • It eliminates unnecessary expenses since there is no need to purchase any device.
  • It does not require complex training and it enables the creation of department supervisors with limited permissions.
  • To clock in/out All you need is internet connection and a simple web browser. Management can be done from anywhere and at any time.


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