Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance control is a system composed of a device (reader, smartphone) and software, such as DASStime, that facilitates the control and management of hours actually worked, and not those worked within the employees' calendar.

It is capable of counting hours, from exact clocking in and out times, to overtime hours that are carried out, including hours that a worker has completed in their working day.

DASStime enables workers to clock in via smartphone, using readers with facial recognition, RFID proximity cards, or via the employee portal.


It allows signing in from the same devices that access the facilities, recognizing the identity of the employee from the data provided by the company (PIN, card, biometrics).

Clocking via app

DASStime allows the sending of markings and incidents that may occur, and consulting the history of all the markings made. For greater ease of use, access is allowed from a web link, without the need to install specific APPs.

In addition to the registration of the day, it calculates the balances of hours worked with respect to the theoretical hours of each employee, comfortably, through the smartphone.

Employee portal

Managing working hours becomes a collaborative process between employees, supervisors and HR. Each employee / supervisor will carry out a part of the management, and only the authorizations that require it will be escalated to HR, according to the system configuration.

The Employee Portal facilitates communication between the employee and the company management, complying with the new law on time and attendance control. Managing working hours becomes a collaborative process between employees, supervisors and HR.


The presence control helps companies to monitor the correct compliance with the working day and allows workers to keep track of the actual hours worked, but also:

  • Combating absenteeism from work.
  • Helps define shifts and work schedules.
  • It makes it easier for employees and human resources to manage shifts, days off and holidays.
  • Manage and control overtime worked by employees, absences, arrears, rest hours, etc.
  • Determine the productive cycle of each employee by department.
  • Reports, analysis and presence statistics.



Request your trial access and access the demo of the DASStime tool to see how it works through the email comercial@dorlet.com.

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