The importance of identifying vehicles in Access Control

LPR Dorlet

The purpose of licence plate recognition systems is to identify vehicles automatically, accurately and quickly, without intervention by the user. 

This surveillance method is based on reading licence plates of the vehicles that go in and out of a carpark. It is an electronic image recording and OCR capture system that validates entrances/exits, vehicle authorisations, etc. both locally and remotely, after comparing the information in the database used by the company.

What is it for?

These systems are generally used to authorise the transit of vehicles in controlled accesses to public or private carparks, to know if a car has insurance in force or has passed the roadworthiness test. They are also used to open automated gates, bollards or any other restriction element.

How does it work?

Access control through licence plate recognition can work as a system of vehicle access control or integrated into a global system that covers both people and vehicles.

The license plate recognition system can obtain information on who, when, and how entered or left the controlled space. It automatically recognises the license plate of all vehicles passing through a checkpoint.


Introducing the system DORLET AVDS-LPR, a high-end controller that enables licence plate recognition using the Access Control System itself.

Each AVDS-LPR board can manage up to 2 IP video cameras allowing both front and rear licence plate readings and facial recognition, among others, thus being able to set different security levels for access.

DORLET LPR has a recognition ratio of over 98% (stop & go)

Advantages of using this system

  • Significant savings in surveillance service costs. It can validate vehicle access in a delocalised and automated way, by means of the remote opening of gates. 
  • It minimises the risks for the surveillance personnel in the controlled space. Through the recognition of licence plates, the level of authorisation and, condition of the vehicle, it allows for constant monitoring of vehicles and drivers at the premises accesses. Some of the possible roles available are fleet management, control of free/occupied places, and control by type of company or groups within the same company, among others.
  • It allows access by vehicle (individual or groups), organisation or company, department, hours, or days of the week, among others.


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