¿Future or reality? Facial readers with Artificial Intelligence


Surely you remember Harrison Ford being recognized by the iris at the beginning of Blade Runner or Tom Cruise using biometric applications in Minority Report. Those were science fiction movies, but it is not too far from the reality that we are living these days. The technology that makes facial recognition possible is already here and we will get used to entering any room only by bringing the face closer.


Facial recognition refers to the part of Artificial Intelligence that allows detecting and identifying human faces. Today, this technology is present in countless applications with very diverse uses, and in Access Control it could not be less.

Thanks to new algorithms, our identity can be verified with a simple selfie and the ID photo, made from a smartphone. Simple, fast and at a distance. This represents an advance in Access Control, since it streamlines the management and registration of people, ensuring 100% that we validate the person they claim to be in the system.


At DORLET we have added a new reader to our catalog, das-Gate, a facial recognition access solution to verify users in Access Control, designed and manufactured in Europe.

It has the differential of being able to save our biometric fingerprint in a totally secure QR that is returned to each user, which does not require storing any biometric information of the person.

It allows access to the facilities only by bringing the user's face closer, allowing access after displaying the validation QR and the person's facial reading, all in less than 1 second.




For extremely secure 1:1 access, it eliminates the need for biometric databases and gives the end user absolute control over their data. 1:N mode is also available, allowing access only with facial recognition.

If you need more information, contact us through the email online@dorlet.com and we will try to answer all your questions.


DORLET, Integrated Security

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