Employee portal. Access your logs from anywhere


In medium-sized and large infrastructures, employees need to be able to access information regarding their attendance at the workplace. The DASStime® Employee Portal enables them to access their logs from any location with an internet connection.


The Employee Portal facilitates communication between employees and the company management, in compliance with the new law on time and attendance control. Work Schedules management becomes a collaborative process among employees, supervisors and HR.


It makes it possible to decentralise human resources processes, as employees have access to their Time and Attendance information, and can make requests directly to their respective supervisors.

Remote clocking from PC. Employees can use their personal computer to indicate (in real time) when they start or end their working day, as well as any breaks or excused absences they may take.

Requests and corrections. Employees can request the concepts they deem necessary (configurable), so that supervisors have as much information as possible.

Validation process. Supervisors can validate incoming requests directly in the request overview, or escalate requests that require approval from a superior.

Annual calendar. Employees can view at a glance the calendar for the entire year on a single screen, including bank holidays and holidays.


This tool is available for both desktop and mobile versions, to facilitate entry and exit registration from any location, by geolocation.

Employees can access the portal at any time to register their working day and see the hours worked, as well as keep track of available days and holidays, absences, etc. 

The head of each team can check and approve time registrations. The process is very simple. Each employee's work calendar and daily aggregate within a given period, or their total number of worked hours, can be viewed. Similarly, clocking incidences can be managed intuitively, and the necessary permissions can be requested.

DASStime is a scalable solution, which makes it possible to manage from one to thousands of employees without requiring a complex infrastructure. Only an internet connection is needed.


Start clocking in from home in two days. Since it is not connected to a physical terminal, it is not necessary for the company to install anything to start using DASStime®, nor for any technician to visit the company. All the process is done remotely.

Request your trial access and access the DASStime® tool demo to see how it works via email at comercial@dorlet.com

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