CX padlocks are designed to resist and secure any installation


DORLET® electronic padlocks are designed to offer the highest security and quality in environments that ussually do not have access control systems, such as telecommunications facilities or power plants, as well as in any industrial environment that requires a different additional security solution such us readers, handles or cylinders. All this without losing comfort or control.

The CX padlock is designed to add an access control system to a door quickly and wireless, so it can be used on any door that needs a higher level of security.

One more step toward security with padlocks.

As versatile as the usual padlocks but eliminating the most vulnerable part, such as the conventional key, it allows access through MIFARE® or MIFARE DESFIRE® proximity cards and/or a virtual credential on a smartphone, such as the one developed by DORLET®, DMA DORLET Mobile Access. On the other hand, it presents a EURO design, in which the only requirement for its installation is to have a mechanical lock with a cylinder lock.

It has a metallic finish and an interface based on LEDs of different colors, as well as through a buzzer. In addition, it has IP65 certification (resistant to dust and against splashes of water), with the possibility of IP66 outdoors, which makes its use highly intuitive and prepared for numerous environments.

It allows programming with calendars, timetables, summer/winter, opening time, etc., thanks to its integrated real-time clock that facilitates the control of entrances and exits through our DASSnet® software.


DORLET®, Integrated Security

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