EHS Integration

CAE Dorlet

Within the new philosophy of industry 4.0 and advancing at the same pace as new platforms EHS(coordination of business activities), expand providers against which our DASSnet platform is integrated.

For the control of workers outside the Organization and compliance with the rules applicable to subcontractors, DASSnet™ offers several integrations with different software perfectly integrated into access control.

In this way we can both automate high as external personal bajas, avoiding having to give high data in duplicate and, above all, streamline the management of access to this type of people.

The integration can be done by different methods (bb.dd., web services...), which ensures us access to facilities only allow staff with existing documentation on the rule.

With this type of platforms, we guarantee that a contracted external person who does not have all the information required in rule, his particular or at the level of company, can not access our facilities.

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