We have consolidated our presence in Mexico with the opening of new offices

Oficinas Mexico

At DORLET®, we have been focused on the expansion and internationalisation of our brand in recent years, opening offices in Paris and Dubai... satisfactory results.

This year, we have decided to open new offices in Mexico D.F., an interesting country for this sector, with positive growth rates. There is a highly qualified sales and technical team based there, supported by the rest of DORLET®'s workforce.

We are proud of the after-sales support and service they are providing. From pre-sales analysis and advisory services, to support and follow-up once the purchase has been made.

For our company, Mexico is a country of special relevance given its impressive growth rate and forecasts. Furthermore, its privileged geographic location turns it into an authentic business and cultural bridge across the Americas.



The new offices feature a showroom where our product and its functionalities are exhibited.

There, the client can learn the advantages of an Integrated Security installation, as it is designed to demonstrate all the procedures that facilitate the management of Security Systems (access control, CCTV, intrusion, technical alarms, fire, etc.) available an installation, so that the client gets an idea of everything DORLET®offer.


Pared Showroom


Certification Courses

The Mexican office has also taken on the certification of as one of its main goals.

Our partners have training rooms at their disposal to teach these certifications. Undoubtedly, this is an added value to enhance commercial relations and turn into partners, as they start feeling the brand as their own.

The courses take place at DORLET® Mexico's facilitiesa duration of 15 hours, distributed over two days. For a more personalised experience, the courses have a maximum of 8 people per session.

These certificates have a validity period of 1 year as of certification date.



We have started to develop several projects in Mexico, of which we can highlight the Spanish Embassy, the Argos recording studios and the Acciona corporate building in Mexico City, as well as the Pemex solidification plant in Coatzacoalcos.

Little by little, we will continue to grow and add more products to our Mexican catalogue, by offering greater security to our clients and promoting better and more efficient working methods.