National Security Certification

National Security Framework

DORLET has obtained the high-level certification according to the National Security Certificaction (NSC).

This certification covers the Information System that supports the processes necessary for the design, manufacture and commercialisation of electronic security systems and related Cloud services.



It covers the activities carried out at DORLET´s headquarters in the Alava Technology Park, as well as the projects executed, and the services provided to our clients.

NSC´s main objective is to establish a security policy for the use of electronic resources based on security principles and requirements that guarantee information protection. For this purpose, an Organisational Framework, an Operational Framework and Protective measures are implemented. In turn, their level of compliance is certified by independent entities authorised by the National Cryptologic Centre (NCC).

NSC seeks to build citizens´ trust in e-Government services, not only regarding Public Administrations and everything revolving around them (since they are also obliged to comply with the NSF), but also with regard to private companies thet provide technology and computer services.

This certification means more added value for DORLET´s clients, as our service is now provided within a cybersecurity reference framework endorsed by the highest certification, which is issued by the National Cryptologic Centre.


DORLET is also ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which, together with out National Security Framework certification, guarantee our commitment to Security and Cybersecurity.


DORLET, Integrated Security

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