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We are aware of the world we live in and of the fact that the concept of globalization does not come at its best, with pandemics, wars, supply crises, transport strikes...However, the internal policies adopted such as telework, flexibility, etc., prepared us for scenarios as convulsive as this one. Therefore, we hope to return to that "new normal" that we long for and, although it will not be what it was before, we trust in a future full of possibilities, both professionally and personally.

The Álava Chamber of Commerce has recognized this effort and on Thursday, April 7, at the internationalization awards gala, DORLET® was awarded the Emerging Export Company award.




The Gran Hotel Lakua, in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), hosted this long-awaited event, which could not be held in 2021 due to the break caused by the pandemic.

A total of seven companies were distinguished for their commercial operations abroad, among which was DORLET®. All those present at the toast at the Gran Hotel Lakua were proud and grateful.


Hall Lakua


So far this year, DORLET® has achieved such important international projects as the Andean University of Colombia, EDF Lab in France or television in Mexico, as well as the Suez Canal tunnels. This last one has been a really important achievement, since with all the problems that the beginning of the pandemic caused, it seemed almost impossible to carry it out.

We have always opted for internationalization, based on the diversification of the business which, with the crises we are experiencing, has become clear that it is more than necessary for companies to grow. And it is also very important to have a strong team like that of DORLET® which, to carry out projects as important as that of SCOR in France or to accompany end customers such as Telefónica or Gestamp in their international expansion, can count on the support of all of DORLET®, both the parent company in the Álava Technology Park and all the subsidiaries, which work side by side.


DORLET trabajadores

Thanks to the entire team of professionals who work at DORLET® who invest all their efforts to be able to serve the products, and make everything work optimally in the different international markets.


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DORLET®, Integrated Security

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