Event held in honour of a life dedicated to security

Feli speaking


A tribute to a life devoted to DORLET

Last Thursday 27 February in Madrid, an event in honour of our president and one of the founders of DORLET, Feliciano Markinez was held.

Feli (as known by his closest friends) is retiring from professional life after having worked at DORLET for 31 years, all through the sweetest moments of the company history, as well as its most bitter ones. It was a day to celebrate all the good memories of those times that have left their mark on so many people.

Current and former collaborators, clients and DORLET employees all came together to pay a small tribute to his dedication and devotion throughout all these years.

Those of us who were present were able to show him some of the love and gratitude we have for him. Moving remarks in the form of videos and speeches left everyone very emotional.


Feli emocionado


Great moments and beautiful memories

Important people in Feli's life who could not attend the event were present in the video tribute that was played for all attendants.

Armin Isasti, from SAIOLAN, recalled the times when they were promoting the project, right at the very beginnings; Zakwan Tantawi, founding partner of DORLET Middle East, thanked him for all the efforts devoted to launching the product in the Arab markets; Alejandro Urzelai, Managing Partner at Cerrajera Valle Léniz, was moved to tears remembering the meals they used to share to discuss business; and even one of his teachers was there, Javier Garnica, pointing out how good a student he was and the skills he could tell he had already in those early times.

His son and daughter, Alejandro and Leire, and work colleagues such as Paco Férez and Ander Urrutia also took part in the video.

On stage were Olaia Elcoro, CVL Managing Director; Manuel Sánchez, GET General Director; Nuria Arregui and Alberto González, both DORLET employees at the Vitoria Gasteiz and Madrid offices, respectively.

These four people proved to be very important to Feli, and the close relationship they share was visible when they started telling some funny anecdotes and getting a little bit more into the life of the honouree.


Manuel GET discurso


Afterwards, it was time for the evening event, where we enjoyed the chance to get to know our clients and suppliers a little better... confirming the great relationship that exits among all our collaborators.

Throughout his career, there are many people with whom Feli has forged long-standing friendships. Therefore, there were plenty of memories and anecdotes to tell, having over thirty years of history together.


Gente evento


To take a look at the rest of the photos from the event check this link.

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