DORLET´s Visitor Control solution in pandemic times

Solución DORLET para el control de las visitas en tiempos de pandemia

Another security area that has been affected by the pandemic is visitor control, which provides information on who (dates, time and another relevant data) enters or exists a building or facility.

The SARS-CoV-2 has accelerated the development of contactless visitor and access control solutions. Until last March, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, the way of managing visits  was more or less as follows:


  1. A person arrived at the infrastructure.La persona llegaba a la infraestructura que quería visitar.
  2. Then, their personal data was recorded, which required an ID card or another identification document.
  3. A card, which had to be returned once the visit was over, was supplied to access the facility.


With a pandemic like one we are currently experiencia, this is not feasible for two reasons: 1) contact between people must be avoided to the extent possible; and 2) exchanging documents a and cards, no matter how clean and desinfecte they are, it is not advisable. It should be borne in mind that this is highly resistant virus with the ability to survive for hours on surfaces such as plastic.


In order to avoid these situations, DORLET has developed a system based on the web registraron of visitors. The steps to follow are the ones described below:


  1. The visitor registres on a web portal.
  2. The web portal is connected to the access control system.
  3. The person who Manases visits must validate and confirm such registration using the access control software.
  4. When registration is confirmed, a QR code is sent to the person so they can use it on the day of the visit.
  5. That person will be able to access the facility by showing the QR code on a smartphone.
  6. The code will only be valid for the period established for the visit.
  7. When accessing by car, this varies slightly. The visitor will have to be pre-registered by means of a license plate reader to get access to the carpark.


There are visitor and access control Solutions that meet the demanda and needs of the new normal. DORLET always recommends analysing available technologies thoroughly before thinking about the best solution (or solutions) for the short, médium and long term, taking into account the desired security level.


For example, access control for a building with the following characteristics.


  • Access to the carpark by means of long-distance readers (2.5 metres or 10 meters) or LPR (License plate recognition system).
  • For employees, main access by means of contactless biometric readers (facial, iris, 3D fingerprints) located in the hall and connected to a turnstile, or by means of a reader using RFID proximity cards or a smartphone with Bluetooth (BLE)/NFC that would also open the turnstile automatically.
  • For visitors, the main access can include QR readers, as explained in the first section of this post.
  • The rest of the accesses could also be equipped with solutions such as RFID cards, Bluetooth (BLE)/NFC Smartphone or QR codes.


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