DORLET renews its SAP integration certification until 2024


DORLET has once again renewed the SAP integration certification of our DASSnet platform, certifying that DASSnet meets all the technical and professional requirements necessary to provide technical support on the SAP platform. 

What is the SAP Integration?

Our interface, called SAP connector, enables communication between DASSnet and SAP's HR Time Management module. By sending and receiving standardised files, a daily schedule can be set.

Its main functionality is that it automatically synchronises with our system. Depending on the employees' access/clocking data, this information can be automated and the time management clocking records made at our terminals can be transferred back to SAP whenever necessary.

Master files downloaded from SAP to DORLET:

  • HRCC1DNPERSO01 people file: Used to obtain all current employees of the company. In addition to personal data, the employee's validity dates, number, and company among others are indicated.
  • HRCC1DNTEVGR01 event group file: Used to obtain all event groups and their corresponding events. Thus, employees are only allowed to enter events corresponding to their groups.
  • HRCC1DNATTAB1 attendance/absence group file: Used to obtain the groups with attendance/absence causes and their corresponding attendance/absence reasons. Thus, employees are only allowed to enter the attendance/absence reasons for their group, checking validity dates.

Master files downloaded from DORLET to SAP:

  • HRCC1UPTEVEN01 event file: By means of this file, the DORLET application transfers information on employee-generated events to SAP. These data are used to process data on personnel, clockings, incidences and balance sheets provided by SAP.



For further information on the integration of DASSnet with SAP, do not hesitate to contact our sales department at

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