Covid19 - Coronavirus


This Saturday, 28 March, the Spanish government imposed new restrictions with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Spain, specifically prohibiting the circulation of workers performing non-essential services.

This measure ensures that companies operating within the essencial services sectors, as stated in the Official State Gazette (BOE) published on Sunday 29 March, will be able to continue their activity as of this Tuesday.

Essential Services

Essential services are those related to health, food supply, media, financing, water purification, telecommunications, among others.

According to the Royal Decree-Law, other services that are not affected by this measure are those related to security.

For instance, private security companies that provide services to transportation, patrol and alarm response or discontinuous surveillance services, and security services for essential services and supply to the population are not affected by such measures.

Therefore, despite the uncertain times we are currently going through, DORLET soldiers on.

Containment measures

Teleworking allows us to keep our staff safe, as well as to continue working on a daily basis while guaranteeing high-quality services.

Therefore, we have provided our employees with the necessary tools and procedures for them to operate remotely, keeping our team at your entire disposal. You can continue to get in touch with your usual contact person by e-mail or phone.

For further questions, you may contact us at (+34) 945 29 87 90 or at


Finally, we want to thank the entire DORLET team as well as all our community (clients, suppliers, collaborators, etc.) for their patience and the united attitude adopted since the beginning of this crisis.

We hope everything goes back to normal as soon as possible.



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