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Control de Accesos

DORLET provides solutions that allow customers to meet all of the needs that arise in an Integrated Security facility, managed from a single software platform, DASS, with procedures to manage every Security System (Access Control, CCTV, Intrusion, Technical Alarms, Fire Prevention, etc.) in a facility. 

Through DASS the client can easily manage all of the daily operations required in a Security System, and can manage staff access procedures, view images related to an incident, control possible intrusion attempts, act in the event of a fire alarm or lift breakdown, and so on.

DORLET has a wide range of solutions and services to help protect people, assets, buildings, etc., thus increasing the feeling of security for staff and making the Security Director's job easier.

control de presencia  

Soluciones/Control de accesos

Control de Accesos

DORLET are leading experts in Access Control Systems and provide solutions for the most diverse facilities, from simple, economic access control systems for small facilities (independent DOC systems), to larger, more complex access control facilities on the domestic market, for example, Barajas Airport and Ciudad de las Comunicaciones de Telefónica, in which more than 1,000 card readers are managed.

We develop and make our own readers, control units (CPUs) and the software that manages this (DASS ), allowing us to adapt the product to new needs and new projects.

We have an open and modular architecture product, access control solutions for people, vehicles, etc. which is able to respond to different needs in different sectors in which our access control systems are installed, for example, private companies, symbolic buildings, public authorities and ministerial buildings, hospitals, universities, museums, etc...



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