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Solutions by sector

DORLET provides solutions for every customer need, regardless of the sector and ranging from major industrial corporations to public authorities, airports, hotels, and so on. …

We also want to highlight the type of DORLET systems that can be installed in different sectors such as:

AIRPORTS: Integrated Security System, which includes access control readers in the restricted areas that need protecting, readers to control boarding gates, control of conveyor belts and no-return walkways, registration plate readers for vehicle access, integration of CCTV cameras, intrusion sensors and fire detectors, all managed from our DORLET DASS control platform, which in turn is integrated in the airport's total control SCADA application.

HEALTH – HOSPITALS: Corporate Access Control integrated with the customer's RP, which firstly allows the automatic registration/cancellation of every employee in the access system, and secondly allows data to be uploaded to the RP to manage staff hours, manage canteen menus and apply automatic payroll discounts, etc. On-line control in the hospital's restricted areas (laboratories, operating rooms – hands free, pharmacy, medical records …), off-line control in the patient rooms using HS/STAINLESS STEEL electronic locks and even locker-style locks for the wardrobe inside the room that the patient can open using their card, integrated visitor access control with the list of patients at the hospital, car park vehicle access control, and so on.

HOTELS: we have two types of solutions for hotels to solve access control problems. Firstly there is the traditional system consisting of HS/STAINLESS STEEL independent locks to be installed in each of the hotel's doors. There is also an on-line solution for hotels. As well as room access control, it shows, in real time, whether the room is empty/occupied/being cleaned… even represented in synoptic charts, allows the user to manage the climate control and electricity system in the room depending on whether the customer is present or not, activate the room intrusion system, among other features.

Solutions by sector  

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