controles de acceso


control de presencia


MODULAR because each control unit (CPU) manages one or two readers and all of the field elements related to those access points - easier wiring and fewer incidents in a system.

DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE because each CPU contains all of the necessary information to completely manage the field elements that depend on it (validated users, schedules, timetables …), and can make its own decisions without depending on a higher system – making it speedy even in facilities with a large number of readers.

OPEN, as the range of systems available can be adapted to the customer's communications infrastructure (TCP/IP, fully-supervised RS485 proprietary bus, RTC/GSM, etc.), and even independent DOC systems can be installed (DORLET ON CARD). All of these options are available simultaneously in a single facility and can be managed from a single DORLET DASS management software. It also allows Integration of other manufacturers' products such as CCTV systems, Intrusion, Fire Prevention, PA Systems, and so on.




EASILY UPGRADEABLE in terms of number of field elements  (CPUs, readers …) and software management modules (access, presence, alarms, visitors …) or integration of other systems (digital readers, intrusion control units …), depending on the customer's needs.


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