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Synoptic charts

The synoptic chart is one of the most useful applications in an integrated security system, as it shows the status of all of the facility's systems in real time and in an intuitive manner, with the possibility of interacting with them without having to scroll through complicated menus and screens.

Charts created in different formats (jpg, wmf...) can be displayed on the screen, and customised icons which change shape and colour depending on their status can be used. Icons or sensitive map zones can also be created to make it easier to browse between synoptic charts.




Click-sensitive icons that allow:
- Reader: open/close a door, force opening, insert card, view movements, etc.
- Alarm input: read, accept, set as breakdown, out of use...
- Alarm output: activate output, deactivate...

Apart from DORLET access control systems, the synoptic chart also shows other systems that are integrated in the application, such as cameras, fire alarm control units, alarm control units, etc.

Allows a large number of systems and charts to be managed and associated with each other, creating floating miniatures, zooming in and out, programming sequences, etc.

At any point you can know which chart you are in, and can browse through them through lists, displaying the facility's status, alarms pending, recognised, broken down, etc.


DORLET DASS SOFTWARE - Chart architecture

One of the advantages of DORLET synoptic chart software is its interface to create, program and configure charts and icons. The menu and screens are designed so that it is easy to work with the charts and icons to achieve the synoptic charts. Any amendment to them due to changes in the security facility or original charts can be made by working solely on the part required.

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Synoptic charts  

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