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Technical and Intrusion Alarms

Technical and intrusion signals can be managed from our DORLET DASS platform. AS/3 or SB/3 control units have inputs and outputs for that purpose.

Activation/deactivation timetables and schedules, alarm values for analogue inputs and refresh times, etc. can be defined for each input.

The software can program automatic activation timetables and schedules, activation times, etc. for each output.

Alarm zones can also be defined, which will be run automatically, specifying which "events" cause which actions. All of the elements present in the facility (CPUs, readers, digital or analogue sensors, actuators, cameras, fire detectors) can be part of those events or actions.

All these signals are represented in the synoptic charts, from where alarms can be accepted/read, outputs manually activated, etc.

Technical and Intrusion Alarms  

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