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Presence control hardware

Although any DORLET reader can be used for Time & Attendance control, we have a reader especially designed for this task, the 70-EAN reader, which has different configurations, both in mural format and in special format for turnstiles, gates, etc.

This reader model can include up to 2 reading technologies (magnetic stripe, proximity and/or biometric), allowing clocking in/out using any of them or a combination of them (configurable).

70-EAN reader

It also has a 10-digit keypad with 6 function keys, allowing the user to enter incidents and check information (latest clock in/out, time worked, etc.)

The reader display, with 4 rows and 16 characters, will show information in standby, such as the date and time and the company's name, will guide the user through the incident and consultation menus, and will show user-customised messages when clocking in/out.

The 70-EAN-I and 70-EAN-CCTV readers can include a speaker/microphone and video camera. This way the user can communicate with the control station.

The 70-EAN reader should be connected to an AS/3 control CPU (2 readers) or SB/3 control CPU (one reader). These CPUs store all of the information relating to cards, clocking in/out, timetables, etc. to be sent to the DORLET DASS software afterwards.



70-EAN reader specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD

70-EAN turnstile kit specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD

AS/3 CPU specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD

SB/3 CPU specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD

Presence control hardware  

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