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Building management systems

In large facilities, a general facility control software is common. The building's security systems are present in the different facilities that this software has to monitor and manage.
DORLET DASS software, an integrated security management platform, can communicate with this application to achieve perfect integration with the facility control software.
The software can therefore be configured to send the events that the security systems generate (access, alarms, failures, etc.) and also receive commands (open/close doors, move cameras, place areas under surveillance, etc.).
There are 2 modules in the DORLET DASS software to perform these functions:
Notification SoftwareNotifiers: mainly aimed at informing external applications about everything that has happened in the DORLET system. Notifiers (sockets, e-mail...) are configured in the Dorlet DASS software to send the necessary information (valid access, invalid access attempts, alarm activation, loss of a camera image, etc.) and through this same channel basic commands to open doors and activate exits can be received.

External connections softwareCommands interface: in this case nothing needs to be configured in the DASS software. The integrator subscribes to as many events as necessary (valid access, invalid access attempts, alarm activation, loss of a camera image, etc), and through this same channels commands to open/close doors, read alarms, activate exits, launch evacuation procedures, etc. can be sent. This method of communication is the one usually used for integration with SCADA applications and similar.

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Building management systems  

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