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Security systems: CCTV, fire prevention, alarms...

DORLET's Integration Software allows the different security systems in a facility to be managed, e.g.:

- CCTV recording systems
- Fire Alarm Control Units
- Intrusion Alarm Control Units
- PA System Control Units
- Intercom Control Units
- Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems...

Integration is two-way, i.e. from the DASS software information on the integrated systems can be received and a series of commands can be sent to them. Therefore, to integrate the different subsystems in the DORLET DASS software all of the possibilities provided by communication protocols and SDKs for each of the products being integrated are taken advantage of.

Once these systems have been integrated in the DORLET server, each of them can be monitored in the DORLET DASS software. We can view the images from the video cameras, move them, check the status of the central alarm unit alarm zones and activate or deactivate them, check the status of fire detectors, and so on. All of this is managed from powerful interactive synoptic charts which show all of the elements mentioned above, as well as the DORLET systems.

Solution - integration - cctv - screen

DORLET DASS software allows the programming of automatic actions between all the elements in the DASS software (readers, alarm inputs and outputs, CCTV cameras, etc.). Some examples of actions that can be programmed are:

- The prepositioning of a camera if a door opens
- Triggering an evacuation procedure if a signal is received from the fire alarm control unit
- Emitting a message via the PA system if a door is forced
- Inhibiting the access control readers if a door left open is detected
- And so on...

DORLET has a wide range of integrated security systems, featuring all of the leading manufacturers. However, new products can be integrated depending on each facility's needs (please check with our sales department).

Download the list of security systems included in DORLET DASS Software software:

List of integrated systems

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Security systems: CCTV, fire prevention, alarms...  

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