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DASS is a DORLET-developed platform that allows comprehensive management of all of a facility's security systems. Applicable from a simple Access Control facility, it allows management of any type of system, such as CCTV, Intrusion, Fire Prevention, IP Intercom, etc. to be integrated in the same application.


DASS  works in Client – Server mode, and with WEB modules, and is fully modular, being formed by modules that be added and upgraded depending on project needs.

DASS can work on a High Availability architecture, which ensures system operational continuity (cluster servers, automatic manager reconnection …) and makes it more robust in the event of possible failures. No other application on the market has all of these security mechanisms.

DASS also allows interaction with other applications (RPs, Scada …)  and has interfaces developed for that purpose, including SAP approval.

DASS  is therefore the ideal management software for any type of project, from small companies to large corporations or organisations with different offices that need integrated management of their Security Systems.

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control de presencia 

Management Modules

Software Módulos de Gestión

Access Control Software.   Attendance Control Software.   Visitor Control Software.   Alarm and Synoptic Software.   Integration module.   Intercom module.   ID Card Software.   SAP Integration Module - BAPI HANDLER.   Locker management software module.   DASS Software Network Licence.  

Advanced Management

Software Gestión Avanzada

Advanced DASS

Notifications Module.   Intercentre Module.   Standby Server Module.   Automatic Reconnection Module.   Software Module for Cluster.  


Software PDA

Thanks to new wireless communication technologies and the increased power of PDAs, it is now possible to have a mobile management point connected directly to the access control system.

Card Control Software for PDA.  

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