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AS/3 CPU specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD

DSP VoIP-IoIP specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD

DORLET's AS/3 CPU is a top-end controller for access control and signal integration. Allows a single door to be managed with control of incoming and outgoing access, or two doors with control of one-way access. It includes control of supervised entry and exit, direct Ethernet connection (10/100 Mbps), high processing speed and large memory capacity, both program and data storage. Includes the option of connecting readers with an intercom and/or camera or independent intercoms for IP audio and video transmission/reception.

AS3 - architecture The most common AS/3 CPU applications are:
- Access control.
- Car park and capacity control.
- Presence control (employee clocking in).
- Intrusion control.
- Technical alarm control.
- Intercom and IP video communication.
- Lift management.

All of the CPU settings (parameters, cards, permission, timetables, movements, etc.) are stored in the memory, resulting in a fast system, in both centralised and independent mode. The communication options (RS232, RS485 and TCP-IP) and supply format options (plastic box, metal cabinet or rack format) allow it to be adapted to any facility and/or architecture.
AS3 - SIP architecture
Specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD
DSP VoIP-IoIP specifications: VIEW - DOWNLOAD


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