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Access Control for waste recycling

Waste Container with DORLET Access Control


DORLET's DOC access control systems can be used for different types of locks and uses, one of which is management of container opening to recycle waste.

DORLET is always searching for new products and markets, which is why we are applying all of our technology to this new product. This will help managers (Councils, Community Associations, etc.) and users with waste management, and will also promote recycling to everyone's benefit and allow more sustainability in different environments:

- Keys replaced with an electronic card

 - Automatic management of new bag requests

- Control of amount of recycling per family

- Possibility of applying discounts on different tax rates...

So far this has been applied to the new "brown container" for the selective collection of organic waste, but the system can be adapted to any other type of container.

This project, the first of its kind in Europe, is being undertaken in the Sasieta Community Association, in Guipuzcoa, Spain with the aim of increasing the facility to around 3,000 containers. Other public authorities have taken an interest in the system and the possibility of implementing it in other cities is currently being studied.

For this purpose, a partnership has been set up with the container manufacturer ROS ROCA, a leading company in Europe in manufacturing anything related to waste collection and management.




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