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Voice and Video over IP


Often when planning equipment for an access control point, an intercom needs to be added to the reader so that in the event of any incident, for example, an employee forgets their card, a visitor arrives, etc. access can be validated from the Control Station. This usually requires parallel systems and extra wiring, in other words, more complex and expensive facilities.

A reader, camera and intercom can be managed as if there were a single reader by the AS/3 control unit, with a single network point. All of these remote calls can be answered from a Central Control Station.

SIP Architecture

The new DSP allows a call to be made from a reader to a control station equipped with DORLET DASS management software, to an extension telephone, even wireless, in the customer's telephone switchboard, or to a mobile telephone, and from any of these devices the call can be answered and the door opened.

This DSP motherboard can work together with the AS/3 control unit or independently if no access reader is required, and it comes in two versions:

- VoIP : Voice transmission.

- IoIP : Voice and video over IP.

The DORLET system is therefore more flexible and has more features than traditional separate access control and intercom systems, in terms of installing the systems and managing them.

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