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New HS/I Stainless Steel lock

DORLET has developed and launched a new access control solution for independent doors, the HS/I Stainless Steel electronic lock.

Its new design, slimmer than those available on the market, and stainless steel finish, make it the ideal lock for any type of door, including metal frame doors.

The HS/I Stainless Steel lock is the ideal solution to extend access control systems to more types of doors due to its easy installation (it does not need wires) and the fact it is compatible with DORLET's DOC technology, allowing it to be managed from DORLET  DASS software.

The system is specially designed for access control facilities in offices, universities, halls of residence, hospitals, hotels, and so on, in other words, in buildings where access control is required at many different points and where the right compromise between security and cost is necessary.

The HS/I Stainless Steel electronic lock is also available in Hotel version, with the typical functions of a system of that type.

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